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28 May 2013

ISTU students promote the development of email security

Students of the Faculty of Cybernetics at ISTU, Egor Provilkov and Dmitriy Strelov promote a project "Effective protection fr om unwanted e-mails (spam), implemented on the basis of the original algorithm developed of automated verification sender." This year, they became the trainees of the program "Innovative Management. Venture business. Technology Commercialization", held in ISTU Technopark, wh ere each team was asked to become managers of scientific and practical developments. Students of the Faculty of Cybernetics decided to start the commercialization of the project in the field of IT-technologies.

"E-mail has become an usual mean of communication in recent years, and smooth functioning of postal system is as important as the telephone one for individual users and companies. The number of e-mails is sometimes higher in many times than the number of rings. However, spread viruses jointly with spam disrupt the normal operation of IT systems”, says Egor Provilkov. “Of course, having received such a letter, it can be deleted without reading it, and forget about it. However, it has to spend time to perform even this simple action. This is even more tedious when there are more advertising messages than business correspondence. Furthermore, among the piles of unwanted messages it is easy to overlook or accidentally delete an important message. "

The product, briefly called «E-mail 2.0» by the students-managers, is designed to solve this problem. The author of the technology is the head of the Department of information security of the Institute of solar-terrestrial physics RB RAS, Alexander Djourik. The former employees of the Institute, Stanislav Ivankin and Pavel Zhilin, participated in its development over the years. The service designed for the needs of the Institute successfully operates for several years in the Institute of solar-terrestrial physics, eliminating the tedious cleaning of mailboxes.

According to the developers, service E-mail 2.0 is a new product, which has a well-proven algorithm of spam protection of a new quality - the protection of information transmitted. E-mail 2.0 is a service with automatic filtering of incoming mail. One advantage of the system is that it can ensure the secrecy of correspondence. "It is the only system that guarantees complete privacy”, said Dmitriy Strelov. “The indirect analog can intercept a content of your message on the server of the operator, and it analyzes by the spam filter of these systems. E-mail 2.0 eliminates the proxy server and is able to maintain the confidentiality of correspondence even from the operator's services. If client’s correspondence is interesting to the third parties, they can not get the information through the provider. This can be done only through the equipment of sender or recipient. "

According to the students, engaged in the packaging of the project, the solution E-mail 2.0 considers the exception of the cost of building of the additional infrastructure; the user does not even need to install the software on his server. It is implemented as a Saas-decision (the Software as a service), so will be easy and convenient to the user to work with it.

"It does not exist the systems with similar methods of filtration and protection of correspondence”, notices the managers of the innovative development. “An indirect competitor is the Ukrainian project "Antispam-post", which is used by public and private companies in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. E-mail 2.0 has a number of advantages in comparison with competitors: besides already named the confidentiality of correspondence, the system has a high speed of operation, the service is readily available for the connection, and the client can not think of the technological details. If the sender and recipient are located in the system E-mail 2.0, they organize in this way the direct encrypted tunnel, which can give access to more opportunities. "

The project team has calculated that the yield of an investor can be implemented in the fifth year of the project’s operaation through the sale of a firm to a large national IT-corporation. The project requires from two to two and a half years to gain power. The issue of protection of intellectual property is well done. Its objects are the name of the project, algorithms and software codes, the technology of the service. The software is protected by copyright and may be officially registered in Rospatent. The technology of the service will be protected by the introduction of the trade secret, and the name of the product - by its registration as a trademark.

"The project is promising and waiting for investors. We have a ready-made technology, which can be turned into a full startup with the help of investment and which can find its niche in the market ", assured the students who promote the development. They plan to take part in the competitions "Business of innovation technologies Baikal-2013", in contests of entrepreneurial projects of ISTU "From Idea to Business" and "Cup of Technical innovations", as well as to apply to the Community of business angels in Russia. The project team intends to conduct negotiations with the company Softline - a leading international company in the field of software licensing and provision of IT-services - on the issue to attract investment.

Natal’ya Rozova
Photo: Anastasiya Slepneva