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24 May 2013

XX International Scientific Symposium "Integration of archaeological and ethnographic research"

XX International Scientific Symposium "Integration of archaeological and ethnographic research" will be held at the tourist center "Pribaikal’skaya" in Listvyanka from May 28 to June 2. Archaeological forum is dedicated to outstanding scientists - the 200th anniversary of the birth of Matthias Castrén and the 85th anniversary of the birth of Rail Kuzeev. NI ISTU and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Institute of Cultural Studies, whose director is Professor Nikolay Tomilov, one of the chairmen of the symposium, are among the organizers of the event .

Unique research in the field of archeology will be presented by the scientists of Irkutsk State University, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnographyof SB RAS, Volga Federal University, Kazan State University of Culture and Arts, Altai State University, Kemerovo State University and others. It was received about 150 reports, including Great Britain, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Holland, France, USA, Germany, Canada, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova and Mongolia.

According to one of the organizers of the event, the head of the ISTU lab "Archaeology, and paleoecology of life of the peoples of North Asia," Professor Artur Kharinskiy, the difference between the previous symposium and this one is that it will be represented by a lot of foreign participants. "Our partners in various international grants will perform at the symposium. The archaeological and ethnographic traditions are rather ancient, ingrained in Russia. However, we have a different method of research than our foreign colleagues. Therefore, exchange of views is important to us. The fact that we conduct scientific forum in Listvyanka on the shore of the lake Baikal, is one of the attractive points because the great lake is not only the pearl of Siberia, but of the world, and many would like to visit this place. We will introduce our nature to the participants of the symposium; we will organize excursions to the architectural and ethnographic museum "Taltsy."

There will be discussed several topics at the symposium: "Archaeology of the environment", "The interaction of humans and animals according to archeology and ethnography," etc. ISTU Professor and A. Kharinskiy and John Zayker (USA, Boise State University) will present the report "Pasture land of domestic reindeer and its artificial and natural markers: an example of the community "Uluki" (North Baikal area of Buryatia). ISTU employee, candidate of historical sciences Alexey Tetenkin will tell about a new multi-layered archaeological location Kovrizhka IV on Vitim. Report of ISTU employee Evgeniy Shulimovich is dedicated to methodological approaches to the study of the mesostructure of ethnic groups in the laboratory of history of Siberia.

The staff of the Center of Continuing Education of Children of the Irkutsk region (school N 7, Irkutsk) prepared a report on issues of reconstruction of metallurgical centers for the production of iron (Olkhon, the lake Baikal, West Bank).

The speakers of the section "Sacred territory according to archeology and ethnography" will try to reflect the specifics of the areas of land that are the sites of worship, prayers, and ceremonies. According to A. Kharinskiy, it is rarely attended territory due to its sacredness and certain prohibitions: "Land, which has certain characteristics, has a set of features that allow evaluating them differently than those areas that are frequently visited. There's a special world and traditions there. Another topic of a scientific forum is interesting: "The world of otherness: the outlook and practices of the ancient and traditional societies." We often think about the existence of parallel worlds. Representations of different people about awaitness after death are an interesting area. Modern society gives birth to new ideas, new myths. "

A special place in the program of the symposium is the section "Historical reconstruction: architecture, costume, crafts, music, dances." A. Kharinskiy notices that there are societies, clubs, where people remodel costumes, ancient cuisine, festivals and games in different parts of the world: "Reconstructions are spectacular. Of course, they are modern, re-interpreted. The goal of scientists is to try to reconstruct the history more approximate to reality. We met with scientific articles of the participants of the conference on the reconstruction of funeral ceremony, military weapons, protective clothing, keeping the horse battle by Altai inhabitants. Scientists are paying great attention to the reconstruction of ancient costumes. The games of Tofalars - indigenous people living in the area Nizhneudinskiy - are interesting. Complex of games, inherent to Tofalars, is restored on fragmentary information. "

In addition, representatives of the Omsk branch of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography SB RAS will talk about the reconstruction of the women’s headpiece found in the burial mound Chertaly-IV and about the history of bread baking of Tatars in the Western Siberia. Ethnographers of the Tomsk Regional Museum and Tomsk State Pedagogical University prepared a report "Belt of the XVII century from Priket’ya: technological features and decor." Employees of the Volga State Technological University studied women's hats of the Finno-Ugric peoples of the Volga region. "

Reports of the participants of the symposium are included in a two-volume collection. Upon completion of the scientific forum organizing committee plans to offer electronic versions of the reports on the website of the subdepartment of Ethnography and Museology at Omsk State University.