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20 May 2013

Academician of RAS, Evgeniy Velikhov: "The results gotten in ISTU on the basis of modern technologies are impressive"

Secretary of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, President of the Research Center "Kurchatovskiy Institute", Academician of RAS, Evgeniy Velikhov, visited NI ISTU Technopark on May 19. The famous theoretical physicist, one of the pioneers of research into nuclear fusion, which is considered as the basis for future energy, visited the research laboratories of the university. Academician was interested in the practical application of innovation.

Rector of NI ISTU, Ivan Golovnykh, told to Evgeniy Velikhov about large-scaled research projects involving scientists of the university: "We won four competitions on the RF Decree N 218 (cooperation of universities and enterprises to create high-tech industries). In particular, it is in the field of aircraft machine engineering to create MC-21, which will be assembled at the Irkutsk aviation plant - branch of the Corporation "Irkut". This year, the University in conjunction with "Uzhuralzoloto Group of Companies" has begun to develop and implement innovative technology for integrated extraction of precious metals and base metals. "

Director of the Physical and Technical Institute at ISTU, Nikolay Ivanov, reported to E. Velikhov about the benefits of therapeutic laser created by scientists of Irkutsk Technical University. This device is actively used in medical oncology center of Irkutsk. Another promising project of the university in the field of laser physics is laser acupuncture that combines electrical, laser treatment and finding of acupoints.

According to N. Ivanov, one of the problems of implementation of medical technology into mass production is associated with the certification: "In Russian our colleagues are fighting for years to get the certificate. Meanwhile, in Korea, for example, medical equipment is certified for a year. Currently, new regulations on certification - more compelling and hard – are developed. "

Academician E. Velikhov advised actively involve Public Chamber to this issue: "Society is set up to ensure scientists to introduce their advanced technology into mass production. The Public Chamber can provide support in this matter. We must work with legislators. "

Particular interest of academic was attracted by research in the field of plasma physics. According to a professor of electronics and telecommunication systems, Nikolay Strokin, ISTU scientists are working on plasma-mass separation, which in comparison to other plasma methods is the least energy-intensive and the most versatile. "In our university, there are a specialty, where students are taught the course "Physics of plasma. Other guys take this course optionally", said N. Strokin.

A lab supervisor, Alexander Schneider, told to the guest about the results of research on superconductivity. A lab supervisor, Andrey Shmakov, presented to E. Velikhov the features of technological processes of manufacturing of parts and components of aircraft aluminum and titanium by the method of superplastic forming.

Following the visit, the academician said that Irkutsk is cultural, academic, student center of Russia: "The policy of the President and the Prime Minister is to develop centers of the East. Glad to know that this development is in Irkutsk. Communication of scientists and industry is provided by ISTU. Your close cooperation with the famous Irkutsk Aviation Plant is a big plus. Volumes of production of the Corporation "Irkut" are essential to Russia. Therefore, the scientific direction associated with the processing technology of titanium and aluminum, is very important for the aviation industry as a whole and for the engineering industry in particular. The results, which were obtained in Irkutsk Technical University on the basis of modern technology, are impressive. Your projects in different directions are interesting. ISTU actively pursues research in the field of plasma and laser physics, high-temperature superconductivity. " 

E. Velikhov also told the researchers of the University on the establishment of the Russian Association of the Advancement of Science. "Joined forces will make sure that the science becomes clear and useful to every citizen of Russia", said the academician. "

Summing up, the Rector of NI ISTU I. Golovnykh stressed that such a high academic attended the University level for the first time. "Evgeniy Velikhov is one of the best physicists in the world. And it is a great success for the university that he arrived in Irkutsk on the work of the Public Chamber of Russia, has agreed to meet with our developments. In my view, the meeting was very informative. The man, who deeply understands physics, gave good advice to our scientists. This visit will be the start of serious cooperation with the Kurchatovskiy Institute, with which the University has signed an agreement ", said the Rector.