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16 January 2013

Students of ISTU and WAEP offer innovative technology in a log house building

The project of the ISTU student, Sorokopudov Pavel, was made in collaboration with the student of WAEP, Andrey Nazarov, and called "Innovative technology in a log house building" took the first place in the student entrepreneurial business projects of the administration of Irkutsk.

According to the first year student of the Institute of aircraft machine engineering and transport at Irkutsk Technical University, Sorokopudov Pavel, the idea for the project was originated during a visit of the exhibition of the wooden houses in Irkutsk SibExpoCenter, where he came with his friend Andrey Nazarov. Guys are interested in a stand of Irkutsk businessmen representing innovative technology construction - homes from profiled timber. "Taking into consideration the huge demand for housing in Russia, we found out it as the most promising direction and decided to start building. The basis is the concrete production facility, where production volume is about 9 thousand m3. The production has low productivity, a lot of manual intervention, no qualified personnel. Therefore, we conducted an analysis of the production line of the logs, made timing operations, and upgraded machines, " says Pavel Sorokopud.

Innovators offered peeling with bandsawing machine CF-2000, to produce profiling logs with non-standard machines, and produce the cutting grooves with circular saw. Previously, these three operations were performed by one versatile machine. There has been issued copyright certificate for non-standard equipment.

"Our home-building project is the production of wooden houses from the storage logs, the production of corrugated timber, a buffer stock of finished logs and control platform for the assembly and shipment,” says P. Sorokopud. “We have modernized production line and offered a solution, according to which the profiled logs are processed with preservation of their natural taper. The goal of this technology is to increase the speed of construction and heat saving log cabin. "

The wooden house, built on the technology proposed by Irkutsk students, is similar in design to the old Russian Minced houses, but has more high-quality logs’ processing.

"Wooden houses are more affordable than a house of brick and concrete. In particular, we can save by building of less massive foundation. In addition, wood is environmentally friendly to humans. Wooden houses have unique microclimate and comfort. The walls of the wooden cottage keep warm in winter longer and cool in summer. Smooth processing of logs gives the house a unique beauty. In the construction we use mostly pine, and for the lower shrouds - larch. I note that my parents decided to build a summer home du to the new technology, " said P. Sorokopud.

Young entrepreneur noticed that life at home depends largely on compliance with the right technology foundation construction and assembly of the framework: "By tradition, the wooden architecture used only logs of natural humidity. The humidity decreases after laying logs in the framework of the construction. Logs under the successive rims are more closely adjacent to each other, significantly reducing the air flow through the walls. As a result, we have a solid wooden structure with maximum thermal insulation characteristics. The design of the framework of logs of natural humidity should not be any hard mount. During the first one and a half or two years, it will give the basic shrinkage (7.5%), and nothing should interfere. The logs are fastened together in a checkerboard pattern with wooden pins. Cutting wooden walls of the houses up a cup allows to serve the house hundreds of years. "

The thickness of the walls of the house is the value calculated, depending on climatic conditions. Profiled beam is a new building material. Due to the quality the surface of the logs is not inferior to cylindered logs. Profiled logs have a lower thermal conductivity and are more effective at heat saving. With proper use of wood in construction, they have an unlimited life span. Kept up to date monuments of wooden architecture confirm that this building material retains its properties for centuries. Latest techniques and knowledge for sound insulation and fire protection of wood allow homes to compete with the buildings of other construction materials. Upon completion of construction of the house, they should be polished on the outside and the inside. According to customer, profile of logs inside the house can be flat.

According to the authors of the project, the performance of the workshop, where it plans to process wood according to the new technology, is 240 sets of houses per year. The basis is the building with total area of 100 m2. Students developed a summary of technical and economic parameters, which take into account all the costs to the customer upon delivery of turn-key home.

Natalia Rozova
Photo: Anastasia Slepneva,
as well as from the personal archive P. Sorokopud