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Program Geological support of hydrocarbon deposit development

Area of study: 21.04.01 Oil and gas engineering

Form: Full-time

Level: Master degree

Program overview

The program is aimed at training highly qualified specialists able to resolve a wide range of tasks concerned with the development of complicated oil and gas deposits.

The program offers to learn geological conditions of oil and gas deposits; modeling of natural reservoirs; building of 3D geological models; calculation of hydrocarbon resources; oil-and-gas hydrogeology, etc.

The program is focused on training specialists equipped with system and fundamental geological knowledge of oil-and-gas engineering. The graduates will acquire knowledge of one of its important fields – geological fundamentals of oil-and-gas deposits development. Their development efficiency depends on the correct understanding of geological structure of natural objects with hydrocarbon deposits.

Core professional academic disciplines:

Geology and geochemistry of oil and gas; oil and gas deposits in the Eastern regions of Russia; fundamentals of development and operation of oil and gas deposits; geological fundamentals of efficient subsurface resource management;

Mathematical modeling in oil-and-gas sector; hydrogeological research during drilling and operating of oil and gas wells; engineering and geological prospecting during building oil-and-gas field constructions; geological open-pit mines and development of drilling fluids; legal fundamentals in subsurface resource management; economics and management of oil-and-gas production; foreign language in the sphere of professional communication.

The program training is provided at the laboratories of SB RAS: Institute of the Earth’s Crust, Vinogradov Institute of Geochemistry; Oil and Gas Training Center on training, retraining, and professional development of specialists in oil and gas sector at INRTU.

Career options

The program graduates acquire theoretical grounds and practical skills in geology allowing them to take good positions in diverse segments of oil-and-gas sector as well as resolve complex tasks arising in the process of production and research activities:

  • oil-and-gas producing companies;
  • service companies;
  • research and production centers;
  • research institutes;
  • state organizations supervising subsurface resource management;
  • as research engineer, researcher;
  • as engineer, geologist, technologist, technical supervisor of production subdivision, etc.


The program graduates have the opportunity to continue their education in PhD programs at INRTU.

International cooperation

The Department maintains close cooperation with Mongolian University of Science and Technology, University of Stuttgart (Germany).