нет Ч/Б Цв.

Full-time bachelor and specialist degree programs

Bachelor degree programs 

Area of StudyProgram
07.03.01 - ArchitectureArchitecture
07.03.02 - Reconstruction and restoration of architectural heritage Reconstruction and restoration of architectural heritage
07.03.03 - Design of architectural environment Architectural design
07.03.04 - Urbanistics Urbanistics
08.03.01 - BuildingAutomobile roads and airdromes
Water supply and drainage
Municipal building and economy
Management in building sector
Industrial and civil engineering
Heat and gas supply and ventilation
Real estate expertise and management
09.03.01 - Information science and computer engineering Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
Automated systems of information processing and control
Computing machinery, complexes, systems and networks
09.03.02 - Information systems and technologiesInformation systems and technologies for administration
Information systems and technologies at enterprises / in machine building
10.03.01 - Information securityIntegrated protection of informatization objects
11.03.01 - Radio engineering Radiotechnical equipment for signal transfer, receipt and processing
11.03.02 - Infocommunication technologies and communication systems Multichannel telecommunication systems
13.03.01 - Heat-power engineering and heating engineering Industrial heat-power engineering
Heat power stations
13.03.02 - Electric power engineering and electrical engineering Ecology engineering and pure energy
Electric power stations
Electric drive and automation
Power supply
Electric transport systems and complexes
15.03.01 - Mechanical engineeringEquipment and technology of welding production
15.03.04 - Automation of technological processes and productions Automation of technological processes and productions in mechanical engineering
Electric drive and automation
15.03.05 - Engineering and technological support for machinery productionsMetal-working machinery and complexes
Mechanichal engineering technology
15.03.06 - Mechatronics and roboticsSetup, programming and operation of mechatronic robot systems
18.03.01 - Chemical technologyChemical technology of natural energy resources and carbon-base materials
19.03.02 - Food products of plant materials Food products of plant materials
20.03.01 - Technosphere safetySafety of life activity in technosphere
Safety of technological processes and productions
Environmental protection and resource-saving
21.03.01 - Oil and gas engineeringOil and gas well drilling
Oil facilities operation and service
21.03.02 - Land utilization and cadastral registerReal-estate cadastre
22.03.02 - MetallurgyMetallurgy of non-ferrous, rare and precious metals
23.03.01 - Technology of transport processesTransport logistics and management
23.03.03 - Operation of transport and technological machines and complexesAutomobiles and automobile facilities
Automobile service
25.03.01 - Technical operation of aircrafts and enginesTechnical operation of aircrafts and engines
27.03.02 - Quality controlQuality management
27.03.05 - InnovaticsInnovatiions management in industry
28.03.01 - Nanotechnologies and microsystem engineeringComponents of micro- and nanosystem equipment
29.03.04 - Technology of artistic handling of materialsTechnology of artistic handling of precious stones and metals
38.03.01 - EconomicsState and municipal finance
International Economics and Business
Sustainable innovative economics
Finance and Credit
Economics and finance of the fuel and energy complex
Economics of enterprises and organizations
38.03.02 - Management International business
Production Management
Project management
40.03.01 - Jurisprudence Civil law profile
Criminal Law Profile
42.03.02 - JournalismJournalism
Journalism and Media Communications
Journalism and Media Communications (English-language program)
54.03.01 - DesignDesign

Specialist degree programs 

Area of StudyProgram
08.05.01 - Construction of unique buildings Building of high-rise and large-span structures
21.05.01 - Applied geodesy Applied geodesy
21.05.02 - Applied geology Survey and exploration of mineral deposits
Subsoil exploration and geological and engineering survey
21.05.03 - Technologies of geological exploringGeophysical information systems
Geophyscial methods of mineral deposit prospecting and exploration
21.05.04 - Mining engineering Mining machinery and equipment
Mine survey
Mineral processing
Open cast mining
Underground mining of ore deposits
Electrification and automation of mining industry
23.05.01 - Ground transport and technological means Handling, building and road facilities and equipment
24.05.07 - Aircraft and helicopter engineering Aircraft and helicopter engineering
38.05.01 - Economic securityEconomic and legal support of economic security
40.05.01 - Legal support of national securitySpecialization: state law
54.05.01 - Monumental and decorative artsMonumental and decorative arts