нет Ч/Б Цв.

Full-time PhD programs

Area of StudyProgram
01.06.01 - Mathematics and mechanics Dynamics, Strength of Machines, Devices and Equipment
03.06.01 - Physics and AstronomyInstruments and Methods of Experimental Physics
04.06.01 - Chemical sciences Inorganic Chemistry
Organic chemistry
Physical chemistry
Chemistry of Organo-Element Compounds
05.06.01 - Earth SciencesGeoinformatics
Geology, Prospecting and Exploration of Solid Minerals, Minerageny
Geophysics, geophysical methods of mineral resources exploration
Geoecology (in the oil and gas industry, in the mining and processing industry, in metallurgy)
Engineering Geology, Permafrost and Soil Science
Ecology (in construction, housing and public utilities, transport, chemistry and petrochemistry)
06.06.01 - Biological sciencesBiotechnology (including bionanotechnology)
07.06.01 - ArchitectureUrban Planning, Planning of Rural Settlements
Theory and history of architecture, restoration and reconstruction of historical and architectural heritage
08.06.01 - Engineering and Construction TechnologyWater Supply, Sewerage, Construction of Water Resources Protection System
Building materials and products
Heat Supply, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Gas Supply and Lighting
Technology and organization of construction
09.06.01 - Information Science and Computer EngineeringAutomation and Management of Industry Technological Processes and Production
Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Program Systems
11.06.01 - Electronics, radio and communication systemsRadio engineering including television systems and devices
13.06.01 - Electrical and Thermal Engineering Electric Power Stations and Electric Energy Systems
Electrical Complexes and Systems
Interconnected Power Systems and Complexes
14.06.01 - Nuclear, thermal and renewable energy and related technologies Thermal, Electrojet Engines and Power Plants of Aircraft
15.06.01 - Mechanical engineering Mining machinery
Road-building, Construction and Handling Machinery
Technology of Machine Building
18.06.01 - Chemical technologyTechnology and Processing of Polymers and Composites
Technology of Organic Matter
Chemical technology of fuels and high-energy substances
19.06.01 - Industrial ecology and biotechnologies Technology of Processing, Storage and Reprocessing of Grain Crops, Bean Cultures, Cereal Crops, Fruits and Vegetables and Viticulture
20.06.01 - Technosphere safetyLabor protection (technical sciences)
21.06.01 - Geology, exploration and development of mineral resources Geotechnology (subsurface, open and construction)
Mining and Petroleum Field Geology, Geophysics, Mine Surveying and Subsoil Geometry
Mineral processing
Exploration Technology and Engineering
22.06.01 - Materials technologies Materials Science (by industry: engineering, civil engineering, metallurgy)
Metallurgy of Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals
23.06.01 - Engineering and Technology of Surface TransportationOperation of Automobile Transport (Diagnostics)
Operation of Automobile Transport (Shipping arrangement and traffic safety)
27.06.01 - Management in Technical SystemsStandardization and Product Quality Management
38.06.01 - Economics Industrial Engineering
Economics and Management of the National Economy by Branches and Fields of Activity, Including Innovation Management
Economics and management of the national economy by branches and fields of activity, including economics, business and organization of enterprises, industries, complexes
39.06.01 - Sociological SciencesSocial structure, social institutes and processes